The Delaware School Boards Association (DSBA) is an IRS registered 501-C-4 tax exempt non-profit education advocacy organization that represents the interests and needs of elected and appointed Delaware public school board members.  During the 2017-2018 fiscal year, the DSBA represented 15 of the 19 school boards in Delaware as well as the State Board of Education. Working with and through member school boards, the DSBA advocated for equity and excellence in Delaware public education through school board governance.  The core mission of the DSBA has four major aspects:

  1. Advocacy – The DSBA is the voice of school boards in the Delaware Legislature.  The DSBA monitors legislation affecting Delaware public education and advocates the interests and needs of School Boards and their districts to the Legislature. 
  2. Board Member Training– The DSBA offers new board member orientation training as well as board forums on various topics of interest to board members.  The DSBA also provides specific training to boards on request.
  3. Communication and Networking – The DSBA offers a forum for networking among and between board members.  The Board of Director’s meetings, Legislative Committee meetings as well as the Board Presidents’ forum meetings offer board members the opportunity to share and gain insights from peers.  The DSBA also distributes email notifications regarding current issues and conditions impacting public education at the State and National level.
  4. Technical Assistance – The DSBA offers technical assistance to Board Members and their districts on a wide range of operational and curricular issues.  If the DSBA staff does not have the expertise to assist with a particular issue or concern, we will connect the requestor with experienced and knowledgeable experts.  The DSBA also offers a corporate membership program that serves as a “force multiplier” by providing experts in the business community that serve school districts that can be called upon for assistance and advice in their respective fields of expertise.

The DSBA holds the following CORE BELIEFS:

The Delaware School Boards Association (DSBA) membership recognizes that schools are the bedrock of any community.  Strong, welcoming and engaging schools are reflective of the communities they serve. The DSBA and its member boards support legislative initiatives that generally support or further the following DSBA Core Beliefs:

  1. The system of public education in Delaware is, and must continue to be, founded on the fundamental principle of local leadership, management and control.  The DSBA supports the fundamental principle of local leadership, management and control, and will strongly oppose any measure that seeks to usurp it.
  2. Public schools are the foundation of the communities they serve.  Strong, effective schools lead to vibrant communities, and strong, effective schools are the result of strong, effective and well-informed local school boards.
  3. Every student shall have equal access to a free public education regardless of their individually defining characteristics.  Furthermore, the DSBA and its members do not tolerate, endorse or accept any form of discrimination against any student, parent, staff member or stakeholder and will actively seek to eliminate discrimination expressed or implied wheresoever encountered.
  4. Public education is the single most effective economic development endeavor a government can undertake.  Investment in a child’s education is an investment in the future of democracy, the future of Delaware and the future of America.  Public Education doesn’t cost – Public Education PAYS!
  5. The DSBA and its member school boards recognize that public education must change and adapt as society and the needs of students’ change.  Increasingly, public schools must endeavor to address the needs of the whole child to include the child’s social emotional, and behavioral health and well-being.
  6. The DSBA and its member school boards assert that the role charter schools play in Delaware public education by offering students and families an educational choice must not be subject to enrollment preferences or barriers to access, nor should it represent a reduction in resources available to traditional school districts.  
  7. The DSBA will continuously carry out its mission and represent its member school boards with honor, integrity and virtue.  The DSBA is the premier public education advocacy organization in Delaware.