If you represent K-12 public school boards, your practice will benefit from COSA. The National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) Council of School Attorneys (COSA), is the only national network of K-12 public school board attorneys advancing the profession of education law. By joining COSA, you are linked to 3,200+ COSA members who represent public school boards. You have special access to COSA’s live seminars, webinars, online resource database, Legal Clips publication, and networks. And you are connected to the highly respected legal advocacy work of NSBA.

What does this access do for your school law practice? It saves you time by keeping you in the loop on national school law trends, recent developments, and your colleagues’ wisdom through direct channels. It grows your network of connections with school attorneys, school boards associations, and school boards across the country. It nurtures you as a school law practitioner by providing writing, speaking, and volunteering opportunities. And it lends prestige to your practice.

You will see that COSA’s mission – to support school attorneys in their representation of public school boards by providing leadership in legal advocacy for public schools – directs our work. We encourage professional development and closer relationships between school attorneys and their school board clients through continuing education, online publications, writing and advocacy opportunities, and discussion forums. (Our members say the online discussion forum alone is worth their membership dues!)
Please join this unique, close-knit, and generous group of attorneys dedicated to the work and mission of public schools. Visit nsba.org/COSA for information on the benefits and connections we offer. And please reach out to us with any questions.

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