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As a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, we understand the critical role that effective committee leadership plays in driving positive change and fostering educational excellence in Delaware. Our committee leaders are passionate advocates for students, committed to advancing policies and initiatives that empower educators, engage parents, and uplift communities. Each leader brings a unique set of skills, expertise, and experiences to the table, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and ideas.

Together, we collaborate, innovate, and strategize, working towards our shared mission of providing every student in Delaware with a high-quality education. Explore our committee leadership profiles and discover the dedicated individuals who are shaping the future of education in our state.

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DSBA Legislative Committee 2023 – 2024

  • Appoquinimink – Michelle Wall (Nichelle DeWitt)
  • Brandywine – Ralph Ackerman
  • Caesar Rodney – Dr. Joyce Denman (Mike Marasco)
  • Cape Henlopen – Dr. Janis Hanwell (Julia A. Derrick)
  • Capital – Felecia R. Duggins (Sean Christiansen)
  • Colonial – Robbin A. Crossan (Ja’Lisa K. White)
  • Indian River – Dr. Donald G. Hattier (Ivan D. Neal)
  • Lake Forest – Dr. Betty Wyatt (James L. Rau)
  • Laurel – Brent Nichols (Brad C. Lee)
  • Milford – Matt Bucher (Ashlee Connell)
  • NCCVT – Madeline Johnson (Mark S. Stellini)
  • Polytech – Sen. Nancy Cook (Carolyn Forbes)
  • Red Clay – Martin A. Wilson, Sr. (Jason P. Casper)
  • Seaford – Marcus Wright (Kimberly Hopkins)
  • Smyrna – Dr. Charlies Wilson (Christina B. Mallec)
  • Sussex Tech – Adele Jones (Dr. A. Robert Masten)
  • Woodbridge – Steve C. McCarron (Elaine Gallant)
  • State Board – Deb Stevens
  • President – Ralph Ackerman
  • DCSOA – Dr. Shawn Larrimore
  • *Executive Director – David Tull

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