The Delaware School Boards Association (DSBA) is one of the members of the network of State School Board Associations which exist in every state of the Union. The Delaware Association was organized in 1946 and became a member of the National School Boards Association in 1952. The DSBA is the only public school board advocacy organization in the State.

The purpose of this Association is to encourage and foster unity of thought and action of school boards and to further the educational interests of the State. One function of the Association is the study of educational needs along with the proposal and/or support of legislation to provide for them. This provides recognition and a voice in the planning of legislation for public schools. Additionally, we provide for on-going board member training, facilitate policy research, provide research for any educational topic, provide guidelines and support for board and superintendent evaluations, information on negotiations, and serve as a liaison with other education-related organizations.

The DSBA Board of Directors of the Association consists of a voting representative of each local board as well as the State Board of Education. This body meets on a statewide basis at least five times per year for the purpose of conducting the Association’s business. There is also an annual meeting of the membership held each year for the purpose of making awards and receiving annual reports. Special meetings are called as necessary.

The other standing committee of the Association is the DSBA Legislative Committee. This committee also consists of a representative of each local board as well as the State Board of Education. The body meets in regularly in conjunction with the legislative calendar in order to establish the legislative priorities of the Association for the legislative session.

Your DSBA supports local school boards, their districts and initiatives, as well as provides technical assistance to board members and administrators.